Sports Collection

An active body needs to rest on a responsive and breathable surface. We created sports for the one who is looking for a smart sleep solution that is highly flexible and releases the tension pressure points like hips and shoulders.


Sports gives you the right support to all body areas. The layers of pockets springs and Smartfiber** together with talalay latex makes you feel that you can relax without loosing the right posture.

Sport I

Looking for some nice sleep? Please try me and I will give the support to your body that will make you want to take me home. While you are trying me or during our sleep together, you can feel my stability and how I can adapt myself to your body just as you like. Comfort is my middle name and I am available in several firmness levels!


If you want me in an adjustable version, please go to Sport Exclusive.

Sport II

After your most challenging moments, it could be after some hard exercising or simply a busy day, and you are deeply needing some relaxation, I am you best friend of all times. My design is a Triple pocket system that gives you a great depth and perfect support. You can choose me in your favourite firmness level and just like magic, I can give you that wonderful sleep!

Pssst: I am also available in an adjustable model! Please go to Sport Extreme.

Sport Exclusive

I am the perfect combination of a frame bed and an adjustable bed. Try my design if you are looking for a more sturdy and steady comfort!

Sport Extreme

I am the adjustable version of my sibling Sport II. My design takes care of your body while you sleep, following your movements but still, giving you the stability feel of the Sports family. My remote control makes you stay in control of you best positions!