Green Collection

Bring the woods to your home! Allow this plant-based creation become a lifestyle that you proudly feel as the right choice for your body and for the environment. When you go for the Green series you won’t look back to anything inferior to it. The comfort is a high-responsive feel which means that you can move and turn freely but you will rather fall asleep fast because you easily find the right position.

Green I

I come from the green world and Nature is my mom! My support is based on a Triple Spring system combined with layers of natural latex, wool and cotton. I am designed for you who value the materials that responsibly takes care of you and your sleep.


Just like my siblings I am available in an adjustable version as well.

Please go to Green Exclusive.

Green II

I give you the wow feeling you have been waiting for and I am even greener than my sibling Green I. My Triple Pocket System will make you levitate!
Try me and I am available in your favourite firmness level. While you sleep, I make the job for you providing the perfect posture to your body. No matter what sleep behaviour you have or what kind of sleep position you normally go for, I am there for you.


Of course, I can be designed for you as an adjustable version! Please go to Green Extreme.

Green Exclusive

If Green I is your preferred model but you want it in an adjustable version, here I am for you!

Try me and enjoy your relaxation!

Green Extreme

Feel my extreme comfort in the Green family format. Adjust me to your favorite position with my wireless remote control and sleep tight!

Green Frame

Scandinavian design at its finest, I am the youngest in

the Green serie, A classic Scandinavian look and provided

like my other family members with natural fibres.

I am Green frame, easy to take care of and provide you

with a great comfort. Come and try me out! I guarantee

you that you will be surprised about me..I am all about

Comfort and and depth..a perfect combination

for a great sleep!