Choosing a bed mattress is a very important decision. A long text that explains how good our bed mattresses are is nothing compared to trying them on for real. In fact, once you try, make sure you are not late for whatever you have planned to do afterwards. There is a risk that you will fall asleep once you try a bed from Dorbien…


Are you still curious and cannot wait to try? Then we have prepared a product overview here as a small taste!


Let us briefly present our bed mattresses:

Dorbien Sports

Our Sports Dorbien Sports Top Mattress is especially designed for you with an active lifestyle. When your body and mind is constantly on the go, you juggle with daily tasks perhaps spending hours in the cars, rushing between meetings, leaving the kids, grandkids at school or maybe running that last minute to the store, you subject your body to a lot of stress. Uneven load on your back, neck, legs and arms are be some of the side effects of a hectic reality that creates body tension affecting your sleep.
Feel the relief of sleeping on a surface that is extra adaptable to your night movement, that releases tension from pressure points giving your shoulders and hips a comfortable place to rest. Rest for real.
The core of the Dorbien Sports Top Mattress is made of talalay latex. It is a natural plantbased alternative to synthetic latex. It gives a smooth feeling without getting too soft. On both sides of the talalay core, right under our 100% cotton cover, we added a layer of Smart Fibre. It provides airflow close to the surface that is in contact with you body

Dorbien Green

The Dorbien Green top mattress is made for you who are looking for a more resilient surface without getting it too firm.
Just as our other models, it has a core made of Talalay latex that allows your body to move while you sleep releasing tension from pressure points. To give you the steadier feel and also several beneficial properties that helps you have sweet dreams, we topped the Dorbien Green top mattress with wool fibres. Wool is a natural way to control your body temperature. Its properties have been known since ages and it is used in several applications like garments for indoors, outdoors and
sports. Thanks to its natural curly shape and constitution, it keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Just as a bonus, wool is natural fire retardant and hypoallergenic!
The Dorbien Green cover is made of 100% cotton providing extra moisture absorption, and temperature control.

Dorbien Nature

The name says it all… Created with carefully selected layers of organic fibres and our plantbased signature core, our Dorbien Nature top mattress is the perfect choice for you who want to get supreme comfort and the very best from Mother Earth in one.
Breathable, thanks to the layers of cotton, wool and horsehair; each one of them works both separately and together, allowing air to circulate, moisture to evaporate and the temperature level closest to your body be naturally regulated.
The core of  Dorbien Nature is made of talalay latex which makes it extra flexible and able to follow your body’s shape and movement. The natural fibres on both sides of the core balances the high flexibility with additional texture and softness.
The first feeling you will get when you lay in the bed is a full release of stress on your
pressure points like hips and shoulders. The first feeling you will get in the morning is to feel rested

Dorbien Pure

For those who desire 100% horsehair, wool, and cotton. A mattress topper that breathes, wicks away moisture, regulates temperature, and offers fantastic surface softness. Pure and simple luxury.

Natural material

What is so special about natural materials? In addition to the fact that natural materials have a minor impact on environment, they also have the majority of properties that are positive for the sleeping environment.
Discover the benefits:


Cotton is the most well-known natural product around, it is very beneficial because it absorbs moisture very readily and also extremely comfy feeling, this natural fibre is very good in hot weather.. it’s just comfortable. 


Wool is unique by all means, it simply warms you during wintertime and cools you in the summer. You all know that in clothing has an extreme beneficial effect, we all know and maybe remember socks of wool, gloves and a Cap during wintertime. Wool is 100% natural and renewable, wool is also beneficial for transportation of humidity, it simply controls it. And in addition to that is fire retardant. 


Horsehair is a multi-use biodegradable fiber that is extremely strong. It has been used since ancient times as upholstery because its durability and strength. It has also the ability of absorb moisture and the human body loses a lot of moisture during sleep so it is perfect to be used inside beds to create a drier environment between the layers. We make the horsehair curly with a natural process that makes it fluffy and amazingly comfortable! 


When you discover our products, you will notice that this is our preferred material for creating a very flexible sleeping experience, this tighter with the other layers make your body relax. Talalaylatex is natural and herbal. It is a material that easily reshapes after printing and then quickly returns to its original shape.

In other words: Heavenly in a natural way.