Choosing a bed is a very important decision. A long text explaining how great they are is nothing compared to when you try them for real.

In fact, when you do that, make sure that you won’t get late for whatever you are planning to do after. There is a risk that you will fall asleep when you try a Dorbien bed…

Still curious and can’t wait until you try them? We prepared this product overview as a teaser!

Let us briefly present our bed series:


An active body needs to rest on a responsive and breathable surface. We created sports for the one who is looking for a smart sleep solution that is highly flexible and releases the tension pressure points like hips and shoulders. Sports gives you the right support to all body areas. The layers of pockets springs and Smartfiber** together with talalay latex makes you feel that you can relax without loosing the right posture.


Bring the woods to your home! Allow this plant-based creation become a lifestyle that you proudly feel as the right choice for your body and for the environment. When you go for the Green series you won’t look back to anything inferior to it. The comfort is a high-responsive feel which means that you can move and turn freely but you will rather fall asleep fast because you easily find the right position.


The Natural series is the definition of ” More is REALLY More”. Among all natural fibers we selected and created a masterpiece made with layers of horsehair, wool & cotton, pinewood and talalay latex. While you will be having sweet dreams, our combination of pocket springs will make sure to keep you sleeping like a baby night after night, nap after nap. Zzzzzzz…

~ All our 3 series are available in versions: Continental I, Continental II, Exclusive and Extreme.

~ Exclusive and Extreme are adjustable beds (motorized).

~ Our different models and variants are created with different combinations of spring heights and tensions. They can also be combined with our 3 toppers so we have an array of options to create a perfect match for you.


One of the secrets behind the fantastic properties of our bed mattresses, beds, pillows and duvets is spelled Smartfiber. Many years of research lie behind the unique properties of this fiber. By building up the material from a natural carbon fiber-based filament, it creates an incredibly soft material that drives away excess of moisture from the body keeping it comfortably dry. With an evenly tempered body, you can significantly reduce night movements. It is smooth and works in silence to create a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Because Smartfiber** is so strong, it retains its natural structure besides all the wearing and tearing which means that you will be able to enjoy it year after year.

Pocket Springs

The human body is individual in shape and feel. With that in mind we have created several combinations of spring layers for each sleep solution to ensure that you will find your perfect match.

All Dorbien beds have springs individually placed in pockets. This technique makes them work separately, taking care of your load and movement while you are taking care of yourself sleeping or resting.