Nature Collection

The Natural series is the definition of “More is REALLY More”. Among all natural fibers we selected and created a masterpiece made with layers of horsehair, wool & cotton, pinewood and talalay latex.

While you will be having sweet dreams, our combination of pocket springs will make sure to keep you sleeping like a baby night after night, nap after nap. Zzzzzzz…

Nature I

“More is More” when it comes to natural materials and my design does makes the difference!
I am made of a Triple Spring system with layers of natural materials including horsehair, wool and cotton.
My entire design provides you with a natural air-conditioning system and I make sure to regulate your body temperature while you sleep and take care of your comfort.

Do you want me in an adjustable model? Please go to Nature Exclusive.

Nature II

Are you the person looking for the best of the best? Please try me and I will make a first impression that you will remember forever! You will long for having me close to you as soon as possible!

My Triple pocket system and multiple natural layers of horsehair, wool and cotton bring all the extra benefits that comes from levelling up the amount of materials and how they are combined together.

Ask for me when you are visiting our sleep experts and they will happily tell you my other secrets!


Do you fancy long mornings, breakfast in bed or perhaps just relaxing with a reclinable solution? I am also available as an adjustable version! Please go to  Nature Extreme.

Nature Exclusive

Let nature go inside your bedroom and transform your sleep experience. My layers and layers of natural fibers helps you to stay in a perfect body temperature while their comfort tuck you in to sleep like a gentle hug. Of course, you can adjust me as you want and why not stay in bed for longer enjoy a book or the TV?

Nature Extreme

Well, I do have it all! Impressed by our Nature Exclusive? Wait until you try me.

If you want to go a step further and test our top model but still get the functions of an adjustable bed, please ask for me in the store and build you own opinion of why I am called Nature Extreme… Make sure that when you try me, you have some extra time for a nap because there is a risk that you will fall asleep before you know it!

Nature Frame

All good things of nature combined in a Scandinavian Design..some might me call a “retro” design, or a classic? Well I simply call myself Nature Frame!.. I am here to provide you with a great sleeping experience. I have all the natural fibres like horsehair,wool and cotton ,my comfort is simply one of the best when it comes to frame beds…you don’t´t believe me?… come and try me out and experience it yourself.